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Hello and welcome to our story👋

In the words of Julie Andrews 'Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start’.

Let me introduce you to our founders, Joe and Eddie! 

Joe & Eddie

Joe is from Manchester and Eddie is from Scunthorpe (also now living in Manchester). Having met back in 2015, on a business accelerator program, they have been friends ever since. 

5 years flew by until the long British summer of the pandemic when one day in Eddie's back garden the first very discussion about creating a sustainable baby brand together took place, over a good old brew☕

You might think, like all of their family members did at the time (and probably still do), “why on earth would two guys want to start a baby brand?”

Well, a key point in our story is Eddie's first born, Emmie who was born in October 2019.

Having become a Dad and now buying clothes for Emmie, Eddie's excitement was soon turned into a huge frustration when he quickly became tired of the poor quality, lack of ethics, questionable origin and simply how boring baby clothing was.

That coupled together with some pretty awful customer service experiences, became a bug bear, especially when your spending money with businesses that just throw your order in a plastic bag and call it a day with no care and no detail😩

Joe and Eddie had wanted to work together for a few years, but never knew when that would be or what it would be! They definitely didn’t want to do something for doing sake. 

They wanted to make a difference and GrowGrows was just that thing, something they could have an impact with… though they didn't have a name just yet! 

The game was on and for the next year they worked tirelessly to get GrowGrows ready to launch🚀 

Not many people would ever know but GrowGrows started as a subscription only brand, with just one product, our sleepsuitss (also known as ‘the GrowSuit').

We worked super hard to get the name out there and build our story online for people to follow.

We launched GrowGrows on a very cold winter’s night on Monday 1st November 2021, just three days after Eddie’s second Felicity was born👨‍🍼…great timing we know!

Myself (we will get to who I am soon, promise) and Joe sat in our packing unit as the website went live…

We watched as people came... and then the website issues started... and then they went. We were devastated🥺

We did however get some subscribers who are still with us to this day. Thank you to them for being so supportive and loyal💛

We went back to the drawing board and built a new website within a week, created new designs, beautiful packaging and the new and improved GrowGrows was born! We’ve never looked back!

We now have a small, but growing team and we couldn't be more proud of the journey we've been on. 

I’m Beth, Head Of Operations and Customer Experience here at GrowGrows. 

Together, with your support, we've also protected 6,000 rainforest trees (at the time of writing, now 95,000+) and we have hundreds of happy parents and little human customers! 

For us to be able to work together to create what we one day hope will become the leading sustainable baby and toddler sleepwear brand, is an absolute dream come true.

We want to have an impact, we want to make a change and we want to do better each and every day, so grow with us and we can grow together!

November 16, 2022 — Beth Cookson