Country Leaf Smart Sleeping Bag 2.5 Tog

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Design: Country Leaf

📏 One-Size Expandable: The fitted neck and armholes, along with the foldable base, are designed to fit newborn up to 24 months with no danger of slipping, whilst maintaining the freedom to move

☁️ Super Soft Fabric: Thermoregulating 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton both inside and out, with 100% polyester filling

🚶‍♀️ Travel Pushchair Feature: Belt opening so they can sleep and be super comfortable in bed or on the go!

🤐 Handy Two-Way Zip: Along with shoulder openings for easy bedtimes, night time changes and morning routines

🎨 Exclusive Designs: Commissioned by us, designed by British print design artists

 Certifications: Our bamboo and organic cotton fabric is OCS certified, with the organic cotton GOTS Certified also. Nickel-free poppers used for shoulder and belt openings. All items are OEKO-TEX®️ Standard 100 (Baby Class 1). Made in compliance with British Standard EN 16781:2018

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves on producing the very best baby and toddler sleepwear. That's why we offer:

📬 FREE UK 60-Day Returns or Exchanges: Get in touch and we'll organise a quick, easy return or exchange for items you've purchased. All international orders we offer 60-day returns and exchanges too.

✅  6-MONTH Fair Reason Guarantee: Babies and toddlers can be busy little bodies but we can guarantee that the Smart Sleeping Bags will last the test of time they're in them. We've tested our Smart Sleeping Bags on our own little ones and trust us, we know! We'll replace any reasonably damaged Smart Sleeping Bag like-for-like.

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Protecting Trees

🌳 Make an impact for them from an early-age with 5 rainforest trees protected with each and every order. Together, we've protected over 6,000 trees to date!

Sleeping bags to last a lifetime

Size adjustable features

Size expandable

With built-in poppers the Smart Sleeping Bag is designed for ages newborn (upwards of 4kg) to 24 months. One sleeping bag for each season for their early years.

Breathable & thermoregulating


Our special bamboo and organic cotton is naturally thermo-regulating and breathable helping our little ones maintain the safe, comfortable and consistent temperature they need to be.

Pushchair belt opening

Life made easy

Whether its a handy two-way zipper for easy bedtimes or our smart built-in travel pushchair belt opening for they can sleep and be comfortable in bed or on the go!

What makes the Smart Sleeping Bag worth it over other sleeping bags?

1. One Sleeping Bag from Newborn to 2 Years:
With size expandable poppers at the shoulders and base, the Smart Sleeping Bag will last little ones from Newborn (from 4kg) to 24 months, providing a huge saving over buying sleeping bags for each size of their growth journey.

2. The Softest, Kindest Fabric:
Not only is our bamboo and organic cotton blend super, super soft, it’s thermo-regulating and naturally hypoallergenic which is perfect for sensitive skins.

3. For Sleep in Bed or On The Go:
The Smart Sleeping Bag isn’t just for bedtimes in bed, but naps in pushchairs or sleep in car seats. So long as they’re not wearing bulky clothing, they’ll be comfortable on the go just as much as at home.

What makes the Smart Sleeping Bag sustainable?

1. Fewer Sleeping Bags with One-Size:
By having one long-lasting, durable and size-expanding sleeping bag from newborn to 2 years it saves buying 2-3 sizes for their early years. The fewer the sleeping bags in circulation, the better for the planet with less materials and resources going into production and fewer sleeping bags ending up in landfill.

2. Planet Friendly Fabrics:
Organic Cotton (30%) is not only softer than ordinary cotton, but is grown and developed using methods that have a really low environmental impact and is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers.

Bamboo (70%) is the fastest growing plant in the world - making it extremely renewable and sustainable. It grows 30 times faster than trees, produces 30% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon.

3. Their Impact
We want our little ones to have an impact from the very beginning so we protect 5 rainforest trees with each and every order.

Together, we've already helped save over 6,000 rainforest trees.

Are Smart Sleeping bags safe for little ones?

Safety is our absolute number one priority and so the answer is yes. We test every product on our own little ones and we rigorously ensure our products meet the highest possible safety standards.

Our bamboo and organic cotton fabric is OCS certified, with the organic cotton GOTS Certified also. Nickel-free poppers used for shoulder and belt openings. All items are OEKO-TEX®️ Standard 100 (Baby Class 1). Made and tested independently in compliance with British Safety Standard EN 16781:2018.

We advise babies should near wear padded or bulky clothing in the sleeping bags. We also advise not to use the sleeping bag if the babies head can pass through the neck opening and ensure that the neck and arm openings are securely fastened.